Tickets Going Quickly for Tippet Talk Next Week


The VES put out an email that the Phil Tippet talk next week only has 25 seats remaining. If you plan on going you should get your ticket soon. Remember that this is open to the public, not just VES members.

Toronto’s Spin VFX has a nice little write up about their work on Dolphin Tale 2. The work looks amazing.

Disney was given a 31 million pound subsidy for filming Avengers 2 in the UK. In fact, Disney was given 170 million pounds by the UK to make their films there. Warner Bros. managed to get $153 million from New Zealand’s taxpayers for the Hobbit to be filmed there. China’s Wanda Group will establish a $163 millions annual fund to attract Hollywood Productions.

Teaser for Brad Bird’s next film, Tomorrowland

Cinefex has a YouTube channel with lots of interesting clips and breakdowns on it.

CG Society has a write up on some of the VFX of Game of Thrones.

I’m just seeing this now, but Paul Debevec did a reddit AMA a couple of months ago.

FX Guide’s RC podcast has a new episode about all the new cameras that have been released lately.

FX Guide also has an article about the VFX in the new Equalizer film.

China is now officially the world’s largest economy, taking the top spot from the US was number one for the last 141 years.

Big city etiquette

5 ways to reset your work-life balance.

This is my worst nightmare. An interesting story about a guy who quit everything to pursue his passion. Doesn’t have the happiest of endings, it’s called I Never Should Have Followed My Dreams.