Site Update and Gender Inequality in VFX

I started this site when I was on vacation and had some spare time. Once September rolled around and things got busy at the school and at the studio it became really tough to update the job postings on the site. I know next to nothing about websites, so everything had to be done manually.

After a while I stopped updating the site but managed to keep the newsletter going. Thanks to some very generous help, things have now been changed around so that it’s much easier and faster for me to update the postings.

I have to give a huge thanks to Cameron Kerr for all the help. While things were being fixed up in the backend, I tried to give things a fresh coat of paint. If you notice any broken links or other weirdness, I’d appreciate it if you let me know.

On to the weekend news:

The Visual Effects Society held their Production Summit and had Marvel’s executive Vice-President of Visual Effects and Post Production, Victoria Alonso, as their keynote speaker. She brought up the gender inequality that exists in VFX. Variety has a good run down of what she talked about. The Animation Guild had a write up on it, as did Deadline. There was very interesting talk on Twitter commenting on what she said regarding gender inequality, the new California subsidies and Marvel’s business practices: