Nuke 9 To Be Released Today?

The big news today is that The Foundry will be live streaming a Nuke 9 event. Usually when they do these things, it also serves as a product launch as well. It’s taking place at 7:30 British time which should be 2:30 pm for us in Toronto.  FX Guide has a preview and interviews with some of the presenters.

Judging from the list of speakers on the event’s webpage, it looks like Nuke Studio will be heavily pushed. Between you and me, I don’t care much about Nuke Studio, I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to use it professionally. Sure it’s cool, but it seems more geared towards commercials, or someone who has to conform shows. I’m much more interested in the Nuke stuff.

I’ve been playing around with the beta of Nuke 9 when I’ve had the chance. I was most interested in the new planar tracker and the retimer. There actually was a situation where I shot I had retimed earlier had come back saying it had to be better, so I tried running it through the beta. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. Any Nuke update that improves tools that I use regularly is a good update in my books.

VFX Soldier was on fire yesterday, tweeting on a variety of subjects. I would recommend that you check out his timeline if you get the chance. Even if you don’t agree with him, he almost always brings up thoughtful arguments that are worth thinking about.

Breakdown: Volvic The Giant

Breakdown: Only God Knows for the BBC by The Mill. Really outstanding work.

I really don’t care for what George Lucas has to say after finding out the role he played in suppressing artist’s wages.

Digital Tutors’ blog has a nice write up on the VFX of The Maze Runner.

LA Times has a great article about how far states will go to woo film productions. For The Last Airbender, Pennsylvania paid millions for Californians to do the VFX.

Citing “special circumstances,” the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development granted Paramount a waiver that allowed the studio to claim a 25% tax credit on $29 million in visual effects work performed outside the state, according to a Nov. 12, 2008, letter to Paramount obtained by the Los Angeles Times in a public records request.

After Star Wars chose to film in Abu Dhabi (due to it’s lucrative tax credits) instead of Jordan (the de facto country whenever Hollywood needs a Middle Eastern location), Jordan has revealed it’s new tax incentive program.

FX Guide has an interview with Scott Ross, who always has interesting views on the VFX business.

Love these types of indie film school videos that pop up from time to time. This one looks at David Fincher’s direction style. It’s excellent, I recommend you check it out.