Today's Interesting Links

Marvel's big announcements.

FX Guide-Rodeo helps Birdman soar with invisible FX.

Cool animation reel showing the progression from mocap to final.

Cool animation short-Mothership

While I love the intent behind this comic, I tend to be a bit more cynical. Not everyone gets a movie made based on their childhood scribblings. It’d be nice though.

A nice roundup of Nvidia’s gaming tech.

An interesting conference will be held in NYC in November regarding Digital Labor. I hope they stream some of the talks, sounds very interesting.

Photoshop CC 2014 now supports rigged 3D model import (using the Collada file format). If it’s supported as well as Photoshop’s EXR support I’m sure it’ll work flawlessly.

Not sure when this was put online, but The Foundry’s Nuke 9 Event can be viewed off their website.

Really nice mocap site.

The new OK Go video. I’d appreciate a link to the inevitable ‘making of’ articles that will come out, some incredible camera moves in this.