Nuke 9 Likely to be Released October 21

Lots of news today.

Nuke 9 is coming. On Tuesday October 21st, The Foundry will be streaming a live event all about the latest version of Nuke. Traditionally when The Foundry does these types of events, the product is released to the public. After seeing their presentation at SIGGRAPH and using the beta, I’m looking forward to this release.

Pixar released the trailer for it’s next film, ‘Inside Out’.

Autodesk announced that it will follow Adobe’s lead and eventually move all of it’s products to subscription only. Not thrilled to hear this.

Netflix has signed Adam Sandler for four films to be streamed exclusively on it’s service. Variety offers up some analysis of this pretty incredible development.

Hollywood Reporter breaks down salary ranges for workers in Hollywood. It’s telling that VFX is so separate from the process that it’s not mentioned at all. Still interesting.

SoftBank invests $250 million into Legendary Pictures.

Interesting Kickstarter for an Art Glove for digital artists.

A collection of articles on Louisiana’s film tax credits.

Australia gives a lot of money to Disney to shoot Pirates 5 there.

VFX company Nvizible shows off their work in their latest showreel.

Cool short film ‘Duologue’. All CG, nice scanning, rendering, texturing here. Check out the ‘making of’. takes a look at David Fincher’s directing technique.

This Peugeot commercial is better than most Bond films.

Editorial in the Star saying how Toronto needs to capitalize more on it’s Arts sector.

How does Finland have some of the best schools in the world?