Adobe Releases Massive Update

Watch the Adobe Max Keynote and presentations here. This is Adobe’s big presentation for the year and worth seeing what they’re up to. They released a huge amount of updates to their software and a lot of mobile apps.

New version of Element 3D V2 If you’re not familiar with this, check it out. It’s a plug-in for After Effects, allowing compers access to GPU rendering of 3D assets. It’s impressive, and I wish Nuke had something comparable.

Saw this on Twitter. Applies perfectly when I have to pick up someone else’s comps.

New features of version 2 of the rendering software Clarrise iFX

Hollywood Reporter: Disney Has Reportedly Earned $272 Million in UK Production Tax Credits

20 years of Weta. "The argument is that, without these subsidies, Hollywood will simply set up elsewhere and our fledgling film industry, filled with so much promise, would collapse.

But not everyone thinks subsidies are a good deal. The Treasury has pointed out repeatedly that, even counting broader economic gains, film industry sweeteners are a bad investment on which the government has lost millions."

Jeffrey Katzenberg Sells 423,214 Shares of Dreamworks Animation Stock

Breakdown: The Mill’s work on an amazing commercial (awesome CG ape).

Breakdown: Cool Xbox commercial done by MPC LA

Breakdown: Kia Commercial by MPC LA

MassMarker: Helpful app for your iPhone and iPad for use on set when you’re filming an actor interacting with a mobile device. Makes for easier tracking.

Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Nice short film on ‘The Great Martian War’.

Jerry Seinfeld’s cutting advertising award acceptance speech.