The Foundry buys Mischief

Yesterday’s announcement from The Foundry was the purchase of the company ‘Made With Mischief’. The live stream of the announcement can be watched here. The Foundry’s press release is here. At first, I didn’t quite understand why The Foundry would buy a sketching program, but this FX Guide article clarifies things. This is a fantastic article that goes into detail as to why The Foundry would by this company.  There’s a surprising amount of tech under the hood of such a ‘simple’ program. I downloaded Mischief and gave it a try for about a half an hour last night. It has a very nice feel for a sketching program.

It will be interesting to see where this tech ends up in other Foundry products. It’s also interesting to see how The Foundry is diversifying itself as it grows.  At the bottom of the FX Guide article, they also ask for comment about Fusion going free.