Ed Catmull: "I don't apologize for this"

Cartoon Brew has an excellent report on the latest from the Wage Fixing Scandal. Bloomberg has picked up the story and there’s some good quotes in there:

Asked about the e-mail during his January 2013 deposition, Catmull said he saw it as his duty to insulate Northern California film companies from salary bidding wars that drive costs up, move the animation jobs overseas, and destroy the U.S. industry.

“Like somehow we’re hurting some employees? We’re not,” Catmull said. “While I have responsibility for the payroll, I have responsibility for the long term also,” Catmull said. “I don’t apologize for this. This was bad stuff.”

He may not apologize, but conspiring to keep worker’s wages artificially low is against the law. The Animation Guild has an article on their opinion. There were some great reactions online:

If you’re not familiar with this, check out Pando’s reporting on it, they were the ones who originally broke the story.