MPC Wins Post-Production Company of the Year!

The London International Advertising Awards were given out, and in a coincidence of epic proportions, the top Post-Production Company of the year award was given to MPC!

The whole Variety/MPC thing has generated a lot of interest. There were some really interesting Twitter responses, but the best response was by VFX Soldier on his blog. He’s been through all of this before.

If you’ve read his blog for a while, you’ve seen his thinking evolve from wanting artists to start a union, to debating a trade organization, to where he is now, trying to put a tax on film subsidies. I don’t know if that’s the ultimate solution, but you have to admit that he’s been one of the few coming up with actionable solutions.

VFX artists in the UK may want to look into BECTU. I think these public airing of grievances are helpful. The first step of solving a problem is first identifying that the problem exists. The next step is coming up with a solution.

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