Sony Hack Reveals VFX Wages

Update: December 6- The Croner VFX Survey has now been released online for anyone to download.

So the huge news is still the fallout of the Sony hack. The amount of information that has gotten out is staggering. VFX Soldier has managed to dig up the Croner VFX Wages survey, which gives a very accurate look at what artists are earning at different companies. I’d recommend you read his latest article.

Artists are always at a disadvantage negotiating their salaries because they have an incomplete picture of what their peers are earning. With this information being out there, you’ll be better informed with what you should be earning. If anyone out there wants to send this to me, I’d appreciate it ;)

Cartoon Brew reports on the latest news from the Wage Fixing Scandal:

Cartoon Brew: New Evidence Emerges of Wage-Fixing by DreamWorks, Pixar and Blue Sky

Photo Credit: poverty wage? by jez s on Flickr