Pensions for VFX Artists in Ontario

Liberals tabling legislation to create Ontario pension

This is big news for VFX artists (and most workers) in Ontario.  I don't know of any VFX or animation companies that offer pensions or help when it comes to retirement planning.  Here's the details of what the Liberals are going to table.

The article states you will have 1.9% of your salary automatically deducted from your pay.  Your employer will have to match this amount.  This goes into a fund, the government cannot dip into this when they need some cash, it's independent.  The article gives the example that someone earning $45,000 would get $788 deducted per year, but stand to receive $25,000 per year when they retire.

I would need to know more details about how this works, but on principle I really like this idea.  Most artists I know don't have a really well thought out retirement plan, so things like this could potentially be hugely beneficial.

This is where the Sony Hack really gets scary.  A lot of VFX artists have been through Sony at one time or another and there's an excellent chance that their personal information is out there for anyone to abuse.  It sucks that Sony is only offering ID protection to their current employees (not sure about their Canadian employees) since many former employees have had their information leaked as well.  I'm sure there will be lawsuits about this for years to come.

All the news I could find on the Sony Hack, this is just from yesterday:  

When you read this article, the lesson you learn is that you should always read letters you get from lawyers.  Latest Animation Studios Antitrust Lawsuit Being Erased

Photo Credit: Canadian Currency by Dan McKay