What jobs are people looking for?

After a few days and almost 2000 page views, let’s take a look at what’s getting the most attention on the site.  It should give us an idea of what jobs people are looking for.

The most popular job category is for Compositors.  Keep in mind that I’m a Compositor, and that a lot of my friends on Facebook and LinkedIn are compositors as well, so that will skew the numbers quite a bit.  The only way I’m publicizing this site is through those social media outlets, so it would make sense that my friends will be interested in their specific part of the industry.  It will be interesting to see if those numbers go down over time.

Even without that bias it's obvious that compositors are currently in very high demand.  Currently the most job postings are for compositors, and since last October people have been regularly asking me if I knew any compers looking for work.  This past year some of my students who were focusing on compositing were hired before they finished the final semester.  

It surprises me that the Studio Directory was the next most popular page.  I put that in almost as an afterthought.  It’s hardly a comprehensive list, I know I’m missing quite a few of the smaller shops.  Please send me links to studios and I’ll add them as days go by.