Apartment rental info for Toronto

While this doesn’t have anything specific to do with VFX jobs, I thought this might be useful.  Many new artists decide to move into the city to be close to the studios here.  There are lots of resources out there to help you find an apartment to rent.

There’s this site that has produced a heat map of rental prices in the city.  It’s a nice visual way to get an idea of the price trends through the different neighbourhoods.

Heatmap of rental prices

Heatmap of rental prices

Further along those lines, there’s another website that ranks your neighbourhood for walkability, transit, and bikeability.  This site also also has links to apartment rentals.  Very useful, and just cool to see how your neighbourhood ranks.


It goes without saying there are the standard sites like ViewIt.ca, RentCompass.com, RentSeeker.ca and MyHood.ca (which is a Toronto specific site) which all provide listings of apartments for rent.