Salary Negotiation

I was going to write an article about salary negotiations.  I was starting on my third draft on it when I realized that I’m horrible at negotiations and I’m probably the last person who should write anything about this subject.

It’s an important subject though, and I would guess that most people are horrible at it.  Think about it, how many times in your life have you negotiated your salary?  Five times?  Now think about a company that has one hundred people working there.  That’s 100 salary negotiations they’ve had to do.  Now say that company’s been around for 10 years.  They will have done thousands of negotiations and have way more experience at it than you.  You’re at a strong disadvantage.

Here’s a few links about salary negotiations.  They’re much better written and with better advice than what I would be able to bang out.  If I would have one piece of advice it would be to try your best to find out what your friends are making so you have some idea of the going rate.  Depending on your friends though, this could be much harder than it sounds.