Introducing the Artist Directory

Recruiters have a tough time finding senior and intermediate artists in the city.  I was speaking to a recruiter today and she had a suggestion for Toronto VFX Jobs that I thought was great.  Starting today, Toronto VFX Jobs is going to have an Artist Directory, with a few restrictions.

First, this is only open to artists with three years or more of experience.  Perhaps in the future I will be expanding this, but the demand by the studios is clearly for more intermediate and senior artists.  You must have a LinkedIn page so that I can check and make sure you have been working for three years or more.

You must be an artist who is working under contract (not a permanent position) that will expire in the near future.  This is so there is no accusation of 'poaching' directed at any studio.
This is open to all artists in any location, but you must say if you are a current Ontario resident that has lived in Ontario for at least one year.

Your email address will not be made public, it's only so that I have a way of contacting you in case I have questions.

You can see an example of what the Artist Directory will look like here.

This is all being done manually, so give me a day or so to put up and take down information.  In the future, I hope to improve the look, search ability and automation of it, but I wanted to get started with something and refine it as I go.

Hopefully this is a win-win for the artists and the studios.  This will provide a resource for the studios to find people well in advance when they're looking to staff up shows.  The hope is that artists will be able to transition from studio to studio in a much smoother fashion.

This is all being done by the seat of my pants after a conversation I had with someone this morning.  It's very likely that it's not extremely well thought out, so if you have any comments or questions about this, please contact me.  This whole site is a work in progress, feedback is always welcome.

And of course, please sign up here.