Links for a Lazy Canada Day


Happy Canada Day everyone.

Thanks to everyone that responded positively to the Artist Directory yesterday.  Every 'like' and 'share' on social media helps spread the word.

I'm too lazy to write a post today, so here are some interesting links:

VFX Soldier found some info about Prime Focus being asked questions from the Bombay Stock Exchange about insider trading.

An article from Forbes how there may be too many blockbuster movies coming out in 2016. These types of articles get trotted out every once and a while. Maybe 2015 will the worst year for movies, or is it 2014?. Somehow, I think the studios will be just fine.

Dreamworks Animation lays off 40 to 50 employees because of an under performing ‘How to Train your Dragon 2’. Original report here, further reporting over here.

The UK gaming industry somehow managed to shrink and grow at the same time. Warner Bros. expanding film production in the UK, and the UK has a new law mandating flexible working hours. Would love to have something like that here.

You probably need more sleep.

The theory that you need to put in 10,000 hours to gain mastery of something probably isn’t true.

Do you consider your mortgage a debt? Here’s a hint, of course you should.

I love the way writer/blogger Seth Godin thinks. Here he gives a really good talk about thinking backwards. If you’re having a lazy day today, check this out, I think it’s pretty good. 

Have a great holiday.