More Details From The Wage Fixing Scandal

I know I’m bringing up this Wage fixing scandal a lot, but holy cow, it just looks worse and worse for Pixar’s management. A new article was put out yesterday, detailing how Sony didn’t play ball with the cartel.

You can read all of Pando’s coverage of this story here. Solid reporting.

Mark Ames is covering the story, his Twitter account is here.

The Animation Guild has a few things to say about the latest article.

Cartoon Brew summarizes it well in this article.

I watched the presentation of The Foundry’s Colorway software. Here's an explainer video about it.

I don’t think this product is meant for VFX artists. FX Guide has all the details. Speaking of FX Guide, they put up a nice informative write up about Ptex.

Adobe has changed some of the licensing of Lightroom. If you stop your Creative Cloud subscription, the software will not lock you out. The Develop module will be greyed out, but all other parts of the software will continue to work. Nice to see Adobe loosen up some of the CC restrictions. You can read a full description about the changes here.

Corus Entertainment (parent company of Teletoon and Nelvana)loses $30 million in the third quarter alone!

Have a great weekend everyone.