Site Stats

 Photo Credit:  Lendingmemo

Photo Credit: Lendingmemo

Toronto VFX Jobs has been online for almost a month now, and I want to thank everyone for visiting the site and making it a success. I’ll share some stats with you all.

On an average day this site gets 113 visitors. The numbers can swing wildly. Our best day was 340 (launch day), our worst day was 27 (Canada Day weekend). On the weekends I don’t write blog posts or post anything on Facebook or Linkedin so there’s always a big dip in visitors. On an average day we get 291 page views, so an average of 2.5 page views per visitor. I have no idea if that’s good or bad.

34% of you are on Windows 7. 20% of you are on Mac OSX. 13% are on Android, 11.5% are on iPhones, 11% are on Linux, 7.5% are on Windows 8. The rest are on Windows Vista, XP and Win2003(?).

Chrome is the desktop browser of choice with 50% of the visitors to the site using it. 23% use Firefox, 13% use Safari, 10% use KHTML and the rest are below 1%. Remember when Internet Explorer was the dominant browser, they’re less than 1% of the visitors to this site.

25% of the visitors to the site are on a mobile device.

50% of the traffic comes from people directly typing in the URL. 30% comes from Facebook. 8% from LinkedIn.

In terms of popular content, the page views break down like this:

What city are visitors from?

  • 53% Toronto
  • 7% Vancouver
  • 5% Montreal
  • 2% London
  • 1.8% Markham
  • 1.6% Mississauga
  • 1.5% Richmond Hill
  • 1.45% Brampton
  • 1.15% Los Angeles

The newsletter is probably a bigger success than the webpage. So far there are 117 subscribers. On average, 63% of the people on the list will open their email from here. 21.6% of the subscribers will click on links inside the email. These averages are really high for the type of newsletter this is. The average Staffing and Recruiting newsletter gets opened 13% of the time and get a click rate of 1.2%.
I’m sure that as more people join, these numbers will get closer to the averages, but for now we’re riding high.

I know these numbers sound low, but to be honest, I’m thrilled. This is targeting a very specific niche in one city. I’m hoping that when I send out a newsletter that word of mouth spreads so the news of the job openings ripples out beyond the subscription numbers.

I do plan on fixing the up the look of the site in the coming months, hopefully it will only grow from here.