Watching Tutorials at 2x Speed

Occasionally I find a tutorial online that I want to watch, but I’ll be damned if watching tutorials won’t put me right to sleep. I really need to watch them at 2x speed or else I start to drift off.

Some YouTube videos allow you to watch at 2x speed, but that option doesn’t exist for all videos, or at all on Vimeo. When I find myself in that situation, I’ll download the video and watch it at 2x using Quicktime or VLC.

Downloading videos from YouTube and Vimeo is very easy if you install the correct extension in your browser.

In Chrome there’s Video Downloader Professional. You start to watch the video, and a little arrow on your toolbar will light up. Then you can download it to your machine.

Firefox has a bunch of video downloaders you can install. Just Google ‘firefox video downloader’ and you’ll find a bunch that you’ll be able to use. Download Helper is the most popular one and works really well.

I’m sure there are extensions for Safari and Internet Explorer, but I’ve never had to try them, because the ones for Chrome and Firefox have always worked for me.

It’s funny, when I first started learning about VFX, there was hardly any information out there about it. Most of my knowledge came from trial and error, and the kindness of senior artists. Now, there’s almost too much information, you could spend all day going through tutorials online and you’d hardly make a dent in the total amount. The challenge these days is finding high quality sources of information. For myself, watching tutorials at double speed has become a necessity, just to get through all the information without wasting time.