Stereo D To Open Studio In Toronto

I had been hearing rumours of Stereo D opening in Toronto earlier in the day.

By 8:30 last night the LA Times put out a story confirming it.  On the one hand, I'm happy that a studio is opening up in Toronto.  More studios mean more options for artists.  On the other hand, I feel horrible for the artists in California affected by this.

Let's remember that jobs are not being 'created', but displaced.  It's clear that this move is because of the subsidies offered by the Ontario government.  As VFX Soldier has said many times, 'If you live by the subsidy, you'll die by the subsidy".  

-The Hollywood Reporter has an article about the hidden costs of making a blockbuster in China.  Someone in the article says: "Honesty is not highly valued in China".

-Variety has an article about why TV production is done overseas.  The answer: It's cheaper.

-Local animation shop Guru Studio is branching out into gaming.

-The Animation Guild is collecting info about the Wage Suppression scandal for a possible lawsuit. The TAG Blog has more.

-A nice short film about the creation of Adobe Illustrator. Would love to see more of these about the software creators whose tools we use to make our living.

“He asked us to resist the temptation to show things early, until it was at the stage that it was really compelling,” Sounds like my worst nightmare.

-Art of VFX has an interview with Scott Squires.

-Runaway production has cost California $2 Billion in the last 4 years.

-Get Ready For Generation Z “They’re smarter than Boomers, and way more ambitious than the Millennials”
Fuck off.

-Have a great long weekend (assuming you’re not working through it).