Links for a Lazy Sunday

Chain Linkage  by  Max Klingensmith  on  Flickr          Creative Commons License

Chain Linkage by Max Klingensmith on Flickr         Creative Commons License

A collection of interesting links I came across last week.  Some FX related, some not.

The Foundry is coming out with a new product, Colorway.  You can sign up for the live stream of the product launch.

The gaming industry suffers from a lot of the same issues that the VFX industry does.  Kotaku has a great in-depth write up about it.

fantastic breakdown of the cinematography of Michael Bay.  This is worth a watch.

A new online community has started at, a place where VFX artists, Motion Graphics artists and 3D Animators can show off their work and get feedback.  The site looks great, and they say they'll be 'keeping the riff raff out'

Picked up some bad health habits sitting at your desk all day?  According to this study, making health changes in your 30s and 40s can slash heart disease risks.

Very cool video about the Elements of Design (short, 50 seconds).

German government cuts it's film tax incentive.  It's important to watch these trends to see if they spread to Canada.  We can also learn how their local industry copes with these changes.  

FXGuide has an update on the development of Crytek's Cinebox (using gaming tech to produce pre-viz and gaming cinematics).  This is important to watch, as I'm sure this tech will eventually move from pre-production to post-production (if it hasn't already).  Interestingly enough, Kataku has a story about Crytek's UK staff not going in to work because of payroll issues.

According to VFX Soldier, Prime Focus' UK division is getting paid 1.5x for Saturday work, and 2x for Sunday work because their workers demanded it.  A lesson for us all.

John Oliver's new comedy-news show contains more news than most news programs.

Why did Google buy Songza?

You can download 60 models of trees from XFrog, for free.

A in-depth review of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Vs. Wacom's Cintiq Companion, which one is better for the digital artist? 

The Foundry is running a survey about what users would like from their official online community pages.