Sony's "Advice" To Be A Star Employee

 I disagree.

I disagree.

There's a special kind of misinformation that upsets me.  It's the kind that takes advantage of my friends and students.  When I was at SIGGRAPH I saw this Tweet by VFX Soldier:

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I had to check this out for myself.  Sony had a booth at the job fair, and on the table was a handout: "Star Student to Successful Employee".  It contained a lot of good advice to students just starting out... except for one line.  It said that comparing salaries was behaviour to avoid.  Comparing salaries was a 'trick' and that it's unprofessional.

I can understand why a studio would want workers kept in the dark from knowing how much their co-workers are making.  An ignorant employee is easily manipulated into earning less money than they are worth.  If you knew that your co-worker who was doing the same work as you was earning significantly more money, you might get upset and ask for more next time.  

What I find particularly galling is that this is given out as 'advice' to students.  Students are the most vulnerable segment of our industry, and should be looked after, mentored and protected.  They are our future co-workers, peers and friends.  When I read this, it pretty much says to me that new people in our industry should remain oblivious to working conditions and be happy with whatever the studio decides to pay them.

Let me be clear:

Sharing your salary information is one of the best things you can do.  It informs you of the going rate of pay so that you can make better decisions regarding where you work.  Ask yourself, who benefits from keeping quiet about this?  You or the studio?