Wage Theft is Bigger Than You Think

Thursday's Links

Wage Theft is a bigger problem than other theft. Wage theft is when you work, but don’t get paid properly for your time. This would be things like unpaid or underpaid overtime.

In the UK, most studios make workers opt out of working time protection, allowing workers to legally work more than 48 hours a week. You can opt back into working time protection, and are protected by the law against repercussions.

Method Studios put out a couple of really nice promotional videos. Here’s one featuring their worker’s children describing what their parents do. Here’s another describing the VFX process (someone on Twitter described it as the reason why companies go out of business).

The Guardians of the Galaxy UI Reel (very nice work by Territory).

A group of hardcore Star Wars fans have worked together to create the Despecialized Edition, to recreate the original unaltered version of Star Wars from several sources.

An interview with the VFX Supe on Ninja Turtles.

An interview with Chaos Group about the new features and announcements in V-Ray

This is a write up someone did of the ADAPT session I attended at SIGGRAPH. It’s an accurate description of the presentation/discussion.

Interesting trailer for a cool looking movie, Automata

Whoa! Real-Time Non-Rigid Reconstruction Using an RBG-D Camera. Very cool.

North Carolina ends it’s Film Tax incentive program

This is the actual Bill for California’s new proposed tax incentive program. The Animation Guild has a little write up about it the people pushing for it.