Google buys VFX Render Service Zync

The big VFX news yesterday was the purchase of Znyc by Google. If you’re not familiar with Znyc, it’s a render service, allowing VFX companies to upload their files to their servers, and render using Znyc’s machines. I had first heard of Zync when VFX studio Atomic Fiction used them on the film Flight, they rendered most of their shots using Znyc.

With the purchase, Znyc will become part of Google’s Cloud Platform and expand it’s offerings to include per-minute billing, more scalability, more host packages and better pricing. Currently Znyc will let you use Nuke, Mental Ray, V-Ray and Arnold to render on their machines.

Variety has an article breaking down the specifics. The L.A. Times wrote about it as well, with an interesting quote from Scott Ross: “Google is looking at this new software to allow them to offer services across a broad spectrum of fields,” said Ross, explaining that Zync’s technology can be applied to any complex rendering issue that any of Google’s cloud clients might face. It wasn’t just the entertainment press that picked up this story, Tech Crunch had an article about it as well.

I think David Stripinis said it best on Twitter:

Of course, cloud rendering as been around for a while, but the major studios haven’t been flocking to it. ZDNet wrote an article about this earlier this year, saying how cloud rendering didn’t make sense for a company like Weta.