The Fight to Save California's VFX Industry

The Fight to Save California’s Special Effects Industry

The blogger VFX Soldier (real name, Daniel Lay) has been writing articles for years about the difficulties of VFX workers, specifically the hard hit workers of California. Bloomberg Business Week describes how Californian artists plan to strike back against subsidy heavy areas such as British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the UK. Great article, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the issues.

Visual-Effects Artists Urge Tariffs to Fight Runaway Production

An article by Variety, describing VFX Soldier’s latest move in forming ‘Adapt’ (Association of Digital Artists, Professionals and Technicians), an organization to petition the Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission to invoke countervailing duties (CVD) on digital goods coming into America.

3-D Firm Eyes Move To Toronto

The Star’s report on Stereo-D’s move to Toronto, almost a week after it was reported in the LA Times.

An overview on the tax incentives available to productions around the world. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here.

Photocopiers made since 2002 store everything ever copied on them.

Free photo manipulation software. Looks very cool.

I’ll be at Siggraph next week, so updates may be infrequent. I’ll try to post updates, it depends a lot on my internet access and free time.