Scripts from Another Dimension

-Variety reports that the US economy has seen a steady erosion of jobs in the motion picture and sound industries. How big a drop? How about 19% in two years.

-David Stripinis tweeted this out yesterday, a Tumblr blog containing large comp scripts. Check it out and submit some of yours.

Wired has a cool article about how movies have changed over the past century. Interesting graphs.

I’m digging the new covers for Ed Catmull’s book that started popping up on Twitter yesterday.

-In the wake of all the Apple coverage this week, a reminder that Steve Jobs was a integral part of the wage fixing scheme. Here’s an example of Jobs throwing his weight around, trying to intimidate Palm’s CEO Edward Colligan into joining the cartel. I enjoy Apple’s products as much as anyone, but let’s not be blind to how they manipulated the job market to keep their employee’s salaries artificially low. I see it the same as stealing from your employees.

-Interesting article about the future of practical effects from the Cinefex blog.