President of Method Studio responds to Deluxe article

Once VFX Soldier posted about the Deluxe article last week, word spread through the industry. The president of Method Studio responded to the article on VFX Soldier’s blog. Scroll down halfway through the comments and look for the one by Marc Weigert, it's worth a read.

Want a map of all the VFX studios around the world? Check out VFX World Map. Not sure how up to date it is. I noticed a few old companies mixed in there but it’s a good place to start a job search.

The president of Blackmagic Design talks about the Digital Fusion acquisition.

Hearing the news that Eyeon was bought, I thought about Fusion for the first time in years. There are (only) two things I miss about using Fusion. The first is that Fusion has true resolution independence. By default, you don’t move things around by pixels, you use percentages (0,0 in x and y is the bottom corner, 1,1 is the top corner). This let you roto proxy footage, and then when you replaced it, the roto would scale up perfectly. Nuke doesn’t work that way (and it’s proxy system isn’t ideal). That took a while for me to get use to.

The second thing I miss is the scaling and rotation hotkeys when you were rotoing. If you held down a key (I forget which ones…. I think "s" and "t", or was it "t" and "r") and then clicked and dragged, your selected vertices would scale or rotate. It was very fast and intuitive, it didn’t interrupt your workflow.