Animation Crew of 'Rick and Morty' Unionizes

Some interesting news from the world of TV animation. The crew of the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty joined the Animation Guild. You can read an excellent overview of the process at Cartoon Brew. Apparently one of the show’s co-creators went off on Reddit saying ‘Fuck the union’ (now deleted). If you read the article, it details how a crew who was often working unpaid overtime banded together to improve their working conditions.

I’d also recommend you read The Animation Guild’s blog posts about the process from their point of view. The first article is here. The follow up is here.

Here’s an interesting talk about ‘The Myth of the Overworked Creative’. It’s a horrible title, it’s more about managing your energy in order to complete your tasks. I thought the part where he talks about the importance of sleep was really good.

Here’s an article from Animation Magazine talking about the growth of Canada’s animation and VFX work. Notice how prominently the article mentions tax incentives.