Reminder: Legend3D Event is Tonight

This is tonight.

This is tonight.

A reminder to all that Legend 3D is having their recruiting event tonight at the Bell Lightbox downtown. There will be an open bar, free food and screenings of their work. They’re looking to hire Compositors, Depth Artists, Coordinators, Assistant Editors, Help Desk, Data I/O, Render Techs, Pipeline TD’s, System Admins, Producers, Particle Animators and Matte Painters. I’ll likely stop by if I’m not too tired from teaching today, if you see me come up and say hi.

You can still register your attendance by going to this link

In related news, Post Magazine reports that Legend3D founder Dr. Barry Sandrew has left the company.

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks are always great. This newer one is about how life is your talents discovered.

John Textor (former head of Digital Domain who is trying to start up a new company that focuses on holograms of dead celebrities) is involved in a strange court case.

Portugal’s VFX, Game and Animation festival kicked off with a look at the VFX work on Game of Thrones.

I’m skeptical of these studies, but the NY Times has another report that sitting is killing us.