Legend3D Event Report

I would have to imagine that Legend3D was happy with the turnout for their event yesterday. I arrived at 8pm and I had to stand in line to get in. There was actually two lines, one for the people who RSVP’ed and people who hadn’t. They had reached capacity for the bar area on the second floor of TIFF so I had to wait for people to leave before I was let in.

Once I got to the bar, I could see how crowded it was. It was great to see some of my former students and co-workers there. I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success for the company.

Phil Tippett (!!!!!!) put this on his Twitter last night. The VES brought Jim Rygal in for a talk a few months ago, and the high quality guests are continuing to be brought in. Very proud that the school I work for is helping to sponsor this.

This was making the rounds yesterday. Sony released a test for a CG Popeye film directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. I can’t believe this is a test.

Jerry Brown signed California’s Film Subsidy into law yesterday. Here’s an article by The Animation Guild. Here’s another article by the LA Times. And another by Deadline.

Scott Ross gave a very interesting talk at a VFX Festival. The Hollywood Reporter has a write up about it. He thinks Digital Domain could have been as successful as Pixar. He also commented about the wage stealing scandal that’s currently the subject of a class action lawsuit against several VFX and animation companies.

“To me, Ed Catmull was always a shining light,” Ross responded. “When I found out, my initial reaction was to defend him. But I knew people around him are very smart. … and no matter how you look at it, it’s illegal. “I would have been more lenient had it been (Rhythm & Hues founder) John Hughes, he was doing everything he could to keep his company alive,” he added. “But if you look at Pixar, it’s an incredibly successful company, I was so torn between thinking of Ed as a hero but [allegedly] doing such a diabolical thing.”

Ross was also quoted in another article about the VFX industry saying that the business is as “fucked up as it has ever been”.

A treasure trove of information regarding the game Destiny. Lots of amazing concept art in the pdf on this page.