Arri Introduces a New 6K Camera and Other Links

Arri introduces the Alexa 65mm, a 6K camera! I can’t wait to see the images that come out of this, but I dread possibly working on the footage from this beast. I clearly remember the pain going from SD to HD.  You can get more details from this PDF.

Nostalgia makes me love all the comic book movies that come out these days, but I think we might be getting a bit overloaded with it. Hollywood Reporter writes how the Super Heroes are coming to TV. The LA Times writes how Hollywood’s reliance on one genre could be it’s undoing.

The iPhone’s slowmo will be a fantastic reference generator for FX artists. Check out a bubble bursting.

You may have seen this already, but I love The Art of the Title’s interviews (and the whole site). Here they take a look at the awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s end credits.

People who know me will laugh when they see this article. Diamonds Are Bullshit.