Solid Angle Releases Arnold for Houdini

Sidefx is having a contest for artists to create the splash screen for Houdini 14. Since this contest closes November 2nd, I’m assuming H14 will be released sometime mid-November. H13 was released on Halloween last year, so it’ll be right near the 1 year mark so it’s due. Houdini releases are traditionally massive so I’ll be very interested to see what’s included.

Speaking of Houdini, Solid Angle has released Arnold for Houdini to the public. Here’s the documentation.  Does anyone know if any studios in Toronto use Arnold yet?  I'd be curious to know.

Great article from a recruiter. Replace ‘designer’ with ‘VFX Artist’ and several of the tips carry over.

Meant to post this yesterday.  Here's a sensor size comparison on Arri's new camera.  As you can see, it's completely insane.