The Latest from the Wage Fixing Scandal

The wage fixing class action suit has been reassigned to Judge Lucy Koh. This is a significant development in the case, as Koh was the judge who oversaw the class action suit that was brought against Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe. The tech companies settled for $325 million, but Koh rejected that settlement saying that it was too low. She’ll now be presiding over the suit that’s against Disney, Digital Domain, ILM, Pixar and other VFX and animation companies. She’ll be very familiar with the evidence in this trial, so presumably she’ll be able to cut through the bullshit quickly. Deadline wrote about this yesterday.

An article about British film tax breaks. “If the UK tax incentive got switched off it would be a disaster” (same can be said for VFX subsidies in Canada).

Wired has an article about the movie The Boxtrolls. Whenever I see anything from Laika I think of poor Will Vinton.

Cool headscans that you can buy from Ten24.

Nice FX in this short film.

An article describing how a VFX studio is putting most of it’s pipeline in the cloud.

Variety writes about the Atomic Fiction studio opening in Montreal.

FX Guide writes about Cinesite’s new Montreal based animation studio.

Reel FX launches a VR division.