Nuke Beta Available Now

I liked it better when it was yellow.

I liked it better when it was yellow.

Yesterday The Foundry made the Nuke 9 Beta available to their customers on support.  If you watch their live stream from Siggraph you'll see some of their new tools like the improved Kronos and Planar Tracker.  I wouldn't recommend working on Nuke 9 for your shots, but I would recommend getting the beta installed so you can use the new tools in instances where they would be useful.

I'm definitely getting to the age where I look at software upgrades as a burden rather than the excitement that I use to feel when I first started.  The advancement in technology is a consistent march that we have to keep on top of.  Sure, it's cool when new things come out if they help us get things done faster, but it can almost be a part-time job staying on top of it all.

The Foundry have a video on how Atomic Fiction worked on Star Trek and Cosmos

A few articles about the dismal summer box office. This one by Indiewire and this one by Hollywood Reporter

VFX Soldier details that the BC government pays 60% of a VFX artist’s salary

The LA Times asks a very pertinent question, are film tax credits cost effective? The Wrap asks why is California tripling Film and TV tax credits while other states slash them?

In addition to California adding tax incentives, Los Angeles council has waved film fees for many city facilities and sites.

“Burning Man Meets TED” VFX Festival headed up by Scott Ross in Portugal.

“Today’s digital artist needs to understand that choosing a career as an effects artist is impacted by the fact that they will most definitely need to travel the world as a digital gypsy,” Ross told THR. “THU plans on speaking to those issues and preparing new digital artists in understanding the fact that they won’t be located in one specific locale. Additionally there will be talks around the cloud, powerful new workstations and the possibility of distance computing whereby artists will be local to their own locale while working on large projects.”

The CEO of Prime Focus gave an interview. Some notable quotes:

  • “…the VFX business will now be under the Double Negative brand name.”
  • “…we have shut our VFX division in Vancouver and have handed over the operational reigns to the Double Negative team.”

A video tour of SIGGRAPH’s Emerging Technology section. Lots of cool stuff to see here.

Digital Domain Remains on the Sick List

Why was Oculus Rift worth $2 Billion

MPAA's Chris Dodd invites film commissioners to summit on incentives