Pixar's Rules of Storytelling and other interesting links

California’s film tax credit is money well spent, says person who benefits financially from film tax credits (the president of the producer’s guild) in this LA Times editorial. And since California raised theirs, Pennsylvania must stay competitive and increase its film tax credits. And you know what, Texas film incentives need a boost too. Don’t forget Florida. Not surprisingly, VFX Soldier has a different take.

I love seeing local shops getting press in the major industry websites. At this link you’ll see FX Guide talk about the work Mr. X (and Switch FX) did on The Hundred-Foot Journey.

OpenSubdiv updates are coming.

CG Society has a interview with Scott Brisbane, head of matte painting at Dreamworks Animation

A Siggraph talk about Building a Next Generation Render Farm Pipeline

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling-Visualized

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