Big News - Legend 3D is opening a studio in Toronto

The big news yesterday was the news that Legend 3D will be opening a studio in Toronto.  You can check the details at this link, but they're having a special event on September 18 at the Bell Lightbox downtown.  The list of positions they're looking for is pretty large:

  • Compositors
  • Depth Artists
  • Coordinators
  • Assistant Editors
  • Help Desk
  • Data I/O
  • Render Techs
  • Pipeline TD’s
  • System Admins
  • Producers
  • Particle Animators
  • Matte Painters

I think it's always worthwhile checking these sorts of things out, even if you're happy with the position you currently have.  At the very least you can try to find out how much they're offering to get a gauge on your current rate.  Not to mention it's open bar, so that's nice.

It is crazy timing that both Stereo D and Legend 3D will be opening up within months of each other.  Compositors are in demand in the city as it is, this will make things much more competitive for talent which should be a win for artists.  I know the rates for compositors in Vancouver is quite good, hopefully some of that will spill over here with the increased competition.