Guardians of the Galaxy to Win VFX Oscar?

Every year Todd Vaziri correctly predicts the winner of the VFX Oscar by plugging in numbers and stats into his 'VFX Predicinator'.  This year it came up with Guardians of the Galaxy, which would be a surprise winner (Interstellar and Apes are thought to be the front runners).  

The VFX Predictinator, 87th Academy Awards Edition

Making of ‘Lego Movie’: 7 Years, a Trip to Denmark and a Race Against the Disney-Lucasfilm Deal Clock

Michigan looks to cut it’s film subsidies, from the article:

Already, legislators are looking at fixes, and what’s first in line for cuts: adios Hollywood.

“Film credits would be number one, and I think you can get both houses to agree to that easily,” said political strategist Dennis Darnoi.

Cutting the film credit would put $50 million back in the budget in one shot. The rest of the backfill has yet to be suggested.

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