Nuke User Group Report

Last night was the Nuke User Group meeting that was held at Brightlane.  It started off with Terry Riyasat, a Creative Specialist from The Foundry showing off new features in Nuke 10.  This was great, as Terry was showing features of Smart Paint that haven't been shown online as of yet and went into detail about different situations on how it can be used.  He then brought up a beta of Nuke 10 and demonstrated the new raytracing renderer.  Again, he was able to go into a lot more detail than the online preview videos.

After Terry we had our first giveaway of the night when a one year commercial license of Nuke was given away.

Amanda Hollingworth from Soho VFX was next and she walked us through the different stages of a difficult clean up shot she worked on for Avengers:Age of Ultron.

Once Amanda finished we had our second giveaway of the evening when a license of V-Ray for Nuke was won.

I stepped in and did a quick presentation on a couple of shots I worked on for Vikings and Penny Dreadful.  The Penny Dreadful shot demonstrated warping techniques on 3D-stabilized footage, the Vikings shot showed a way you can add back smoke and haze to a clean up shot.

The final presentation of the evening was by Eddee Huang from Pixomondo Toronto showing some work that they did on a live-action Fallout 4 commercial and work they did on Fantastic 4.  Impressive work, and Eddee mentioned that Pixomondo is expanding and actively recruiting.

The last giveaway was courtesy of Pluralsight (formerly known as Digital Tutors).  They were generous enough to give out 30-day memberships to their site to everyone in attendance.  The timing worked out great, as I just received the access cards an hour before the presentation started.

I really want to thank the speakers and their companies for all the work they did for the presentations.  The event would not have happened without the support of Cinesys-Oceana (they secured the location and brought the pizza and beer), the companies that offered their products as prizes and all 70 artists who came for the show.

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