Working long hours increases stroke risk

So, these stories have been making the rounds lately.  The articles point out a study that says people who had a 55+ hour work week had 1/3 more chance of having a stroke.  That's sort of a scary statistic, since it's pretty common for VFX artists to have these types of hours whenever a crunch hits.

I'd be curious to know what you personally do to try to minimize the long term health risks associated with sitting all day at a sometimes stressful job.  Where I work, we usually all get up and go for a 15 minute walk in the afternoon, which I find helpful.  I also bought my own standing desk and brought it into the studio so that I'm not sitting all day.  If you have any health tips, or comments about these articles, please comment in the box below.  

Working longer hours increases stroke risk, major study finds

Long Hours at Work Increase Stroke Risk, Study Says

Photo Credit: stress by Giuseppe Savo