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This video will show how you can use COPS (Composite Operators) to generate normal maps inside Houdini. The convenient thing about COPS is that it is lightweight, and easily editable, which means that you can iterate and make many different versions using a combination of COPS and SOPS (Surface Operators... eg. geometry) to get the image you want to make. You are essentially layering all the elements together, as you would in any 2D image editor - but inside of a 3D application :)
OTOY founder and CEO Jules Urbach discusses the integration of OctaneRender in Unity at the Unite 2016 keynote on November 1, 2016.
Stylit allows you to transfer your personal artistic style from paper to screen, making your digital art appear like it was colored by hand. Presented live during the Adobe MAX 2016 Sneak Peeks, co-hosted by Jordan Peele.
Daryl shares some early work in progress on the VR experience he's creating. After getting the first rough model of his reality captured environment into Maya and adding in some test motion graphics, he uses the VR-plugin from to get Maya’s Viewport 2.0 to show up in the Vive. Learn with us! Follow along as we make a VR experience:
Pavel Siska at Blender Conference 2016. More info at