Half of Fantastic Beasts VFX Crew Missing From Credits

Good article today in VFX Forum about how 50% of Double Negative's VFX artists were left off the credits for Fantastic Beasts.

Fantastic Beasts but where to find Crew Credits? - VFX Forum

Spov are proud to announce our involvement with the amazing Dr Strange from Marvel Studios. We were tasked with designing and animating the screen graphics for a number of scenes depicting medical procedures and experimental techniques throughout the film. Many thanks to all the Spov team for their continual dedication to the craft and magical prowess. We would also like to thank Art Director Alan Payne, Production Designer Charlie Wood, the wizards at Compuhire UK and the masterful team at Marvel Studios for the opportunity to assist in designing the wondrous world of Doctor Stange.
A technique to cleanly remove render firefly artifacts from a render without smudging detail.