Media Reports on BC Changing Film Tax Credit

The media has picked up the story about B.C.'s changing film tax credits:

I took a quick peek through the articles and found some interesting quotes (emphasis mine).

"While the budget delivered Tuesday by Finance Minister Mike de Jong did not lay out a plan to cap or limit existing tax credits, it did note that with a weak Canadian dollar there is fiscal pressure on the provincial coffers. This year, the province expects about $500 million in film and television tax credits. In previous years, the subsidy cost the government between $150 and $350 million."

"Talks between government and the industry will take place “over the next month or two but not much longer than that,” before changes, said de Jong."

"This week’s provincial budget suggested government could cut the tax credit by more than 50 per cent and still ensure B.C. labour costs are less than in 2014."

"A government cap causes uncertainty. In Louisiana — one of the most popular U.S. filming locations — a cap has caused productions to leave, said Williamson."