Vikings Wins VFX CSA

Last night at the Canadian Screen Awards Episode 8 of the third season of Vikings took home the award for best VFX.  Congratulations to the award winners and all the artists at Mr.X and Take 5.

Vikings - To The Gates! History Channel Canada (Shaw Media) Dennis Berardi, Dominic Remane, Michael Borrett, Ovidiu Cinazan, Paul Wishart, Jeremy Dineen, Engin Arslan, Ken MacKenzie, Bill Halliday, Leann Harvey, Maria Gordon, Julian Parry

I love it when local companies get great recognition like this.  Autodesk did a profile and interview with Pixomondo Toronto's VFX Supervisor Mahmoud Rahnama.  Mahmoud's been working in Toronto for years and anyone who knows him knows that he's incredible.

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