TAAFI (Toronto Animated Arts Festival International) was held this weekend.  I was involved with setting up three presentations.

SideFX and Shed (a boutique animation studio from Montreal) came to present  a teaser for their animated short film 'Outside'.  It's always inspirational to see people work so passionately on their own projects.  Shed had to transition away from Softimage and decided to do this piece in Houdini.  They worked closely with SideFX to develop new animation tools that will make their way into a future version of Houdini.  The work was charming and beautiful (rendered in Mantra), as you can see below.


Pixomondo had the last presentation Saturday evening.  Eddee and Jorge from Pixo took the stage and went into great detail about how they created the dragons in Game Of Thrones and how the Toronto team made an incredible Fallout 4 commercial in just five weeks.

Mr.X had a early Sunday presentation where Craig Calvert and Jason Edwardh went into amazing detail talking about how Mr.X built up their animation work to the high level it's at today.  This presentation was fantastic.  I've sat through many talks at conferences before and this was a top notch, Siggraph-level presentation with very revealing looks at their process.  Speaking of Mr.X, they released a breakdown of their work on Penny Dreadful a few days ago.

This was my first involvement with TAAFI and it was a very rewarding experience.  I made many mistakes and learned a lot about the amount of work that it takes to put on a festival like this.  I have lots of ideas about how to improve for next year and to give local VFX studios and artists more exposure.

I would like to thank all the presenters and their studios who gave of their personal time to present at TAAFI.  I know that you're all very busy with your work, so coming to TAAFI and presenting was extremely appreciated.

Indie Rendering Support - SideFX The real story is that Houdini 15.5 is being released next month.