Nuke 10 Thoughts

Nuke 10 was released yesterday.  After banging around with the beta for a while, I can say:

"Smart Paint" is amazing.  It should be renamed to the "Holy Shit Tool" because every artist that uses it for the first time yells it out.  While in Beta I was given a cosmetic fix shot that needed some paint work on an actor's head and neck.  

The actor was twisting and moving around a lot, with lots of neck deformation.  The lighting was dark and flickering.  I tried 3D tracking (in both Nuke and Syntheyes), planar tracking (in Nuke and Mocha), and regular point tracking, nothing was working and the shot had to go out that day.  The Nuke 10 Beta had just come out, so I tried Smart Paint and it worked pretty much perfectly.

My rule of thumb is that if the footage would retime in Kronos well (with little visible artifacts) then it should work well with Smart Paint.  The only footage that really gives it trouble is when something in the FG goes right over what you're trying to track (like an actor walking in front).  All and all, it's a very impressive tool.

Also in Nuke 10, localization works properly.  Basically, if you're working off a network, Nuke will copy the footage to a local directory and work off of that.  Yes, you could do this manually but because of the bother I rarely did.  I could feel a big difference.

There's been some improvements to Vector Blur, but I haven't kicked the tires on that one yet.

Other than that, the list of new features quickly goes into areas that aren't all that relevant to me.  I don't care a lick about Nuke Studio, Apparently Paint has been sped up but I'm so gun-shy from using Paint in Nuke that I haven't given it a fair shake yet.  The RayRender is still in beta(!!!) and The Foundry says that we should treat it as a preview.  To me this means "it's gonna crash a lot" so I'll probably stay clear of it until it's more stable.  

The other improvements (better OCIO integration, multi-GPU support, BlinkScript GLSL GPU path and VFX Reference Platform 2015 updates) don't mean that much to me as a day to day artist.  What I really hope is that they managed to squash a lot of bugs and just get Nuke rock solid stable.