Potential Arc Sale Covered in the Media, Yowza! Job Fair

Arc News:

The story of the potential sale of Arc’s assets has been picked up by several media sources.

The Globe and Mail put out an article last night detailing the email that was sent to Arc employees describing the sale to Jam Filled. The only thing I saw in this article that I didn’t see in the Arc email was this bit (emphasis mine):

Some of the 500-plus Arc employees who were put out of work last week could be hired to continue work on certain projects.

The deal should ensure that some projects resume, staffed in part by former Arc employees, but not all contracts will be picked up.

Kidscreen put out an article as well, nothing new in here that wasn’t in the Arc email.

Animation magazine reported on it, I didn’t notice any new information.

Mike Valiquette over at Canadian Animation Resources wrote a great article yesterday about the situation. He summarized the challenges that Jam Filled will have but echoes the hopes of everyone that the deal will go through.

Job Fairs Today:

Yowza! Animation

Save the date! We are having a open house THIS Thursday (Aug 11th, 298 Campbell Ave. from 5pm–8pm) at our studio for animators or other immediate roles in the industry! Please come by and bring your resume/CV and portfolio. We will have Steam Whistle Brewing Beer and pizza on hand so you don’t miss your dinner! See you Thursday!


Interviews continue through today.

I would love to hear from people who attended some of the open houses to give your thoughts on the whole process. Which studios seemed the most prepared, what caught your attention, general impressions, was it frustrating or helpful, etc… If you feel up for it, add your thoughts in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Newspaper by Victor Carreon