Amazing Free Nuke Hotbox UI

I know the big news of the day is Jam Filled resuming production on several Arc contracts, but to me (a compositor who uses Nuke every day) this is the real news.  A free, Maya-like 'hotbox' UI that you can add to Nuke.

W_hotbox - UI - Python - Nukepedia An introduction to W_hotbox. A Hotbox for Nuke, similar to the one found in Autodesk Maya. It's a selection specific menu that appears underneath your cursor for as long as you press the shortcut. Fully customizable, with an interface to easily add and modify buttons on the fly. Wouter Gilsing Background music : Klaypex - Jump

The Nuke development scene has been on fire the past few months with Keen Tool's Object Tracker and now this.  Unbelievable to me that these are free.

VRLA Summer Expo 2016: The Foundry Presents, Content Creation for 360° VR using NUKE and CARA VR Join The Foundry's Media Production Creative Manager Mariana Acuna as she highlights how the new CARA VR plug-in toolset for NUKE helps speed up common post-production tasks when working with live-action cinematic 360° VR footage.
Learn to create a simple cutscene using Unity and Maya. We will cover how to use a Maya Script called RSCameraUI to create real-life feeling camera moves. We will then key-frame and position our camera in a cinematic way. We will learn how to loop an animation in Maya downloaded from an external source.
We learn how actors are digitized and turned into photorealistic models inside USC ICT's Light Stage capture system. Paul Debevec and his team are focused on inventing technologies that create the most realistic-looking virtual people, objects, and environments. We were blown away by the capabilities of the light stage!
In this video we'll cove all the various native Redshift lights. The lesson will cover the following topics Reshift IPR Area Lights and Parameters Geometry Lights Dome light and HDRI Sun and Sky System File regards Rohan Dalvi

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