FX Guide looks at Orphan Black

Great timing of this article with Toronto actress Tatiana Maslany winning the Emmy last night.  FX Guide looks at Intelligent Creature's work on Orphan Black.

Orphan Black: Tatiana Maslany with Tatiana Maslany

Check out the Animation Behind the Scenes and Case Study: http://www.realtimeuk.com/video/dropzone/
As the Pipeline Manager at Zoic Studios, Sarah McGee helps to identify and remove bottlenecks in the pipeline, and evaluates graphic tools to make production flow as efficiently as possible. In 2014, when Zoic decided to take their effects capabilities to the next level, they selected Houdini as their go-to software platform.
The animation workflow in Maya has evolved. Join Warren Trezevant, animation product manager for Maya, and Daryl Obert, technical marketing manager, for a big picture overview of what has become an all-new experience for animators.
Create realistic smoke and fire with natural rolling motion and fine details without increasing resolution.
Influence simulations with forces like wind, spline follow, mesh attraction and more.
OMG (Oculus MAD GOD) is a stop-motion VR experience based on Phil Tippett’s short series, MAD GOD. Tippett Studio introduced us to the unique and strange characters in the world of MAD GOD and discussed how VR was such a new experience for them. By using cards in NUKE, they were able to shoot each character separately and bring them together to create the experience. For more videos, visit http://bit.ly/2bUTPr8.
A quick demo of how to use additive and subtractive motion layers when animating.
Aaron Sims Creative presents a collection of Design & Visual Effects highlights from 2016...

Photo Credit: Toronto Skyline by Prayitno