Spin VFX and Mr.X hiring Compositors

Both Mr.X and Spin posted on their Twitter pages that they're looking for compositors (and other positions as well)

When balancing compelling cinematic storytelling with a technology still in an experimental stage, creative, production, and post-production teams must work together in uncharted territory to build cohesive blueprints for VR projects. Trailblazers in the field walk us through the unique challenges and creative possibilities of this burgeoning medium.
Clive Downie, CMO of Unity, discusses "VR and the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences." VR and the next generation of immersive experiences: Clive presents his views on the quickly evolving VR space and the drive to create more immersive gaming experiences. Alongside a new virtual storytelling language, we're seeing an evolving mixed medium that brings in physical sensation.
Learn how to quickly create a layered ice material in Megascans Studio, and see how importing simple masks can translate to a powerful shader in Unreal Engine 4 when combining Megascans textures. High resolution ice shader code screenshot: http://quixel.se/megascans/youtube/Ice_UE4_Shader.jpg For more, go to: https://megascans.se
A demonstration of a bifurcation digital asset for Houdini. The asset uses a sop solver to grow a vascular system in free 3D space or along the surface of reference geometry. I go over the different parameters and their affect on the system. A polywire sop can be added to generate geometry along the system. Blog Post: http://www.plexusart.com/vascular-development/

Photo Credit: Toronto by Blok 70