VFX Soldier Says Trump Team Talking VFX Tariffs

Early today, VFX Soldier dropped a bit of a bombshell in a Tweet.  Who knows if anything will actually come of this (VFX Solider has a solid track record for scoops), but it's always good to be aware and informed.

Everything is done in 3dsmax with VRay.Texturing is made Iin Mari(non-destructive workflow) and Photoshop. Final touches are made in Nuke.Everything is rendered on Single HPWorkstaion z620 with dual Xeon 2630-v2.Average render time per frame is 12 minutes for HD.I spent most of the time on R&D, because I was creating every texture from a scratch.Compositing of texture and procedural maps directly in 3dsmax gave me a possibility to make very complex and photo-realistic shaders. Check the link below with more before and after pictures: http://djordjeilicvfx.com/portfolio-item/legend964makingof/ Thanks for watching!